Wealth Management

Maximize your current investments and explore opportunities that will help you reach your financial goals. Hoey Investments will review your current portfolio and give advice to help optimize performance on a risk return basis.

REtirement Planning

With unemployment rates rising in a soft job market, people are being forced to take their retirement earlier than planned. It is important not to be caught off guard. Planning for your retirement will give you peace of mind today, and greater freedom in the future. We will review your retirement accounts and savings to help you reach your goals. 

Financial Planning

Whether saving for your children's or grandchildren's education or provisioning for your estate, planning your financial future takes commitment and a vision for the future. Hoey Investments can advise you on college planning, estate planning and how to take advantage of an employer's benefits. 

Life Insurance

With the advances of modern medicine, people are living longer. Plan for the financial security of your family and loved ones with the appropriate life insurance coverage. Hoey Investments can help you select and put in place your best, most cost effective options.